Study of hypothyroidismin chronic kidney disease patients

Gangadhar B., Hari Prasad., Manjusha., and Pradeep Deshpande

The interactions between kidney and thyroid functions are known for years. Thyroid hormones (TH) influence kidney function both during embryonic development and in the mature functioning of the kidney. When the thyroid is either hyper- or hypo-functioning, changes in different clinical renal parameters occur. Vice versa, kidney disease influences circulating thyroid hormones. Aim of the study is to study the prevalance of hypothyroidism in CKD patients of varying stages.and to study the trend of prevalence as the renal impairement increases. The study was done in Gandhi Hospital, Secunderabad and Princess Esra hospital Hyderabad over a period of one year from December 2013- December 2014. 50 patients who have CKD Stage I to V.were chosen. They are adviced to get thyroid profile. Prevalence of hypothyroidism in chronic kidney disease patients is about 19%. Prevalence of hypothyroidism increases as the severity of the renal impairment increases. Its prevalence in CKD Stage IV, V patients is 18%, 31% respectively. Hypothyroidism is more common in female patients with CKD compared with males. Hypothyroidism is more common indiabetic patients with CKD compared with non-diabetic patients with CKD.

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