The new thoughts in drug research to prevent teratogencity

Raghavendra Rao M.V., Sireesha Bala A., Sateesh Babu, Arja., Samir Fatteh., Krishna Sowmya M., Ramanaiah Chowdary J., D.Srinivasa R and Mahendra Kumar Verma

In late 1950's and early 1960's the drug Thalidomide caused an estimated 10,000 birth defects and thousands of fetal deaths world wide. The affected babies typically suffered from phocomelia, a failure of the limbs to develop. These unfortunate babies were cruelly referred to as "Flipper babies".
This drug formerly used as a sedative, but with drawn in the early 1960's after it was found to cause congenital malformation or absence of limbs in children whose mothers took the drug during early pregnancy. Thalidomide is a sedative that used to be prescribed to treat anxiety, tension, gastritis and insomnia. It was also used to relieve morning sickness in pregnant women.
Man today living in a world created by him that is becoming more and more hostile every day owing to pollution.The subtle effect of Thalodomide tragedy resulting in phocomalia, apoda etc in the offspring led to untold miseries. There are similar good number of cases of fetal deaths, still births, terratogenices the young ones of mothers exposed to toxic ants like pesticides, radiation, heavy metal etc. Can we save innocent lives was the question that was prompted me to choose the topic of my research. Doing research with human subjects is illegal and unethical.So I have to go non-human material which stimulates human being. To study the long term effects of the toxicants on the fetal development.Rats have 21, rabbits 30, dog has 60 days gestation period. Where as gestation period is long as in case of sheep, monkeys, elephants, they are not available because of cost procurement and maintenance.So in this situation scorpion comes handy, cheap, available, viable and reliable, with viviparity and long gestation period of little over 10 months.Hence scorpion was chosen as a medical research model. It is found in my research, by administering the ch elating agents like BAL to the heavy metal exposed mothers the adverse effects of Mercury and Lead on both mother and the fetus could be elevated.

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